ACEthetic Spaces Company LTD.

Acethetic Spaces Co Ltd
109 Waltham Park Road Shop #8 Kingswood Plaza
Kingston 10 KINGSTON

ACEthetic Spaces was established for the purpose of providing diversified services to our clients. We are committed to building and remodeling commercial properties as well as the dream homes and residence of clients. We welcome the opportunity to serve local and international clients who own properties in Jamaica or who may be returning residents as we seek to be the company of choice for securing clients’ investments.

ACEthetic Spaces brings a fresh and creative approach to construction, renovation, interior and exterior design be it contemporary or traditional, no matter what the size.
We will construct, design and create for you a comfortable, relaxing, functional and aesthetically pleasing Building and space tailored to your style and budget.
With our team of professionals & workforce with over ten years experience in Construction Engineering, Project Management, Building designs in interior and exterior finishes we will deliver to you on time and within budget and keep you in the loop in real time with project progress through our new state of the art Cloud base construction software. This allows us and our client to know exactly what is going on throughout every phase of the project, weather we are on site here in Jamaica or overseas.

Additional services include:

 Project Management
 Structural Engineering Drawings
 Architectural Building Drawings/Plans
 3D Interior Design Drawings
 Bill Of Quantity
 Land Surveying, & Landscaping
 Electrical Engineering
 Plumbing etc.
 Decorative Concrete Coating for pool decks, walkways and
Driveways etc.

ACEthetic Spaces Company Ltd
Arthur Jacobs
109 Waltham Park Road Shop #8 Kingswood Plaza
Kingston 10 KINGSTON Jamaica
ACEthetic Spaces Company Ltd Arthur Jacobs

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